Content Creator.
Digital Storyteller.

I produce digital content for a leading global health center. Follow me on my professional journey.


My Experience

Content Marketing

I produce nationally recognized content for social, email, and web.

Project Management

I've owned more than 1,400 projects through every step from pitch to publication.

A Fresh Mindset

I put a customer-first spin on everything I touch.

What Sets Me Apart

I'll be the first to admit it — my most valuable quality is something not often listed on a resume. It's not a bullet point AI resume checkers are scanning for. It isn't Jedi-level knowledge Excel formulas or flawless memorization of AP style. It's something far more rare (and, in my opinion, much more valuable.)

What sets me apart from the pack is something deceivingly simple: when I start a project, I see it through. But I mean, really. Integrity is in my DNA. Whether it's the dishes or a C-level presentation, I have work-until-it's-done focus. If something needs done, I do it. If I'm not sure, I try my best to figure that sh*t out. When our team needs someone, I step up to the plate. When others walk away, I don't.


Take Their Word For It